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talked to Hannah Payne, a 20-year-old sophomore at UCLA who plays Stephanie in two episodes, about the quirky things you might not have noticed going on behind the scenes. When the writers brought the 288-page book to life as a 13-hour series, they had to expand the world of the story with new characters.

"I think of the book as this outline of Hannah's story, and then from that, the writers of the series — with Jay's blessing — added so many details and plots that allow the viewer to unpack the story to a greater extent," Hannah said.

So they’re just really venues that would work for filming.’ 9 There are some stipulations though – the venue has to be a decent size to fit in all the production team – and it’s got to be a place where everyone feels happy.

As Eden explains: ‘It has to be somewhere you feel incredibly comfortable, and where all the crew can fit their cameras and equipment.’ 10 There’s a whole lot of stuff that you don’t see on TV – with the dates lasting longer than you might think.

, about a mom who suffers a near-death experience, then comes back to life to learn she can now receive messages from God.