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Not everyone that dose has this or any issue with it.

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A phone number has been exchanged at one time, maybe even a photograph he sent her of himself! that cyber flirting is no different than going to a strip bar with buddies. And who knows what he/she has told that other person.

People will callously break someone else's heart over the internet.

But I dunno..just doesn't want to be intimate very much.

I've talked to him about it A LOT and I always wind up crying and still nothing ever happens. So although I feel a *little guilty* about the cybersex, I don't feel like I'm cheating either (it's a grey area). I don't exchange personal info, I don't meet these people, I don't waste my time in chat rooms rather then living my life. Not much real sex for Jamie :( Well lets start with, I just got engaged 9/27 (my birthday).

well a few years ago I would have said no it's not cheating.