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Reportedly, the most frequent consequence for any drug use in Bolivia is forced in-patient rehabilitation—provided the amount seized is small and no trafficking or distributing is involved. The Price of Cannabis in Bolivia Though it is unlawful, there will always be those who use cannabis in Bolivia, as in any other country.

The cost of purchasing cannabis in Bolivia varies depending on the strain you are buying.

Roman Gordion, on the Anatolian plateau, is the only excavated rural military settlement in a pacified territory in the Roman East, providing a unique opportunity to investigate the agricultural economy of a permanent Roman garrison.

There is evidence for economic interdependence with local farmers and cattle herders, selfsufficiency in pork and chicken production, and complex relationships with autonomous sheep and goat herders who pursued their own economic goals.

The garrison introduced new elements to the animal economy of the Gordion region, including a new pig husbandry system.

Comparison with contemporary non-military settlements suggests both similarities and differences with urban meat economies of Roman Anatolia.

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