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We are now likely to see more steps being taken by other markets to accommodate Islamic banking.These will remove some of the quirks that raise costs for Islamic products (for instance, Islamic mortgages that may be taxed twice because of double buying and selling of houses) and facilitate further expansion.

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Expansion to the world’s major financial markets pits Islamic banks against much bigger and established players, but the greater size also enables them to standardise products and bring costs down to a level where they can compete head on with conventional banks.

But decades of functioning in well cushioned home markets means Islamic banks have become more relaxed and inefficient than their conventional rivals who operate in a more competitive environment.

At home, they have usually been subsidised by indulgent states committed to Islamic banking.

International growth has also been limited due to the absence of well developed regulatory regimes abroad that are capable of understanding and monitoring Islamic transactions including ordinary accounts, mortgages, bonds and insurance.

Kamal Munir has acted as a consultant or trainer for several organisations, including the World Bank; the Department of Trade and Industry, UK; the Asian Development Bank; and the State Bank of Pakistan.