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Although the occasion was no doubt distressing, it also proved liberating.

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In (Oxford University Press, 1989), Joan Givner attributes the breakdown to the intensifying guilt de la Roche felt for “her resistance of the female role expected of her and the growing intensity of her love for Caroline.” It was Clement’s care—taking long walks, holding de la Roche in her arms, and continuing to share in “The Play”—that eventually helped the young author recuperate.

De la Roche, observers have speculated, could not have coped with a world without Clement, and would’ve never been able to write another word if Clement had not been by her side.

De la Roche and Clement were so intensely private that even their closest friends did not know the nature of their relationship.

It is impossible to determine with any certainty whether de la Roche and Clement were lesbians.

These two dissimilar, but perfectly attuned persons, lived one of the most unusual and certainly most productive partnerships in the history of literature.” Born Maisie Roche in Newmarket, de la Roche’s childhood was spent bouncing around following her father’s many brief entrepreneurial initiatives and the demands of her mother’s ill-health: from Orillia to Galt, then back to Orillia, and then numerous residences in Toronto.