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But then we gain experience at riding our bicycles, and we realize that a life resigned only to walking will never advance us far.Similarly, we must learn to use responsibly this new technology and to learn our limits and our powers. I fear that we as humans are not intellectually or morally advanced enough as a population to use this technology responsibly 100% of the time.Our evolution as human beings not only includes such advancements, but also the very quality of being living, vibrant, changing entities (such as human beings are) depends upon our ability to wield and explore nature....fact, to explore the nature of humanness itself, and to change it.

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Men and women choose with whom to mate; women choose whether or not to carry a child to term; we choose whether or not to use birth control during sex.

I have yet to see an argument, other than those arguments originating in the fear of trumping nature: the same sort of fear we have as children when we learn to ride a bike instead of walking and worry about falling over onto the curb.

We must make an exception for such therapeutic cloning, which is why President Bush should reverse President Clintons decision and instate federal funding of cloning and stem cell research.

Making the industry reliant upon federal funds allows the government to regulate and set ethical limits on research, filtering out the ethically dubious experiments but allowing ones like ACTs.

Date of contribution: Mon Nov 26 2001 Last Name: Tedeschi First Name: Ernie Major: Public Policy E-mail: [email protected] you think that there should be an outright ban on human cloning in the U. : no Do you think that there should be an international ban on human cloning?