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They go off a script and have practically no knowledge of the video game industry or how games are supposed to work.

This was supposed to be the year virtual reality broke out. Despite some great experiences, months of near-total unavailability dulled the post-release buzz for both headsets, particularly the Rift.

The screen is anchored to the front of the ring, where it almost floats in front of your face.

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The question for Play Station VR is simpler: if you’re one of the millions of people who own a Play Station 4, should you get one?

Play Station VR was initially announced as something called "Project Morpheus" in 2014, and despite some visual tweaks, the core design hasn’t changed.

And since the face mask is made of rubber sheets instead of foam, it’s not going to be soaking up dirt or sweat.

That rubber also blocks out light incredibly well, neatly closing the gaps between your face and the screen.

But there are three months left in the year, and one thing that could change that: Play Station VR.