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After almost 40 minutes and 2 cam sites, I still had a raging horn and was $100 down with nothing to show.

I close the window, log back in and the model is now offline.

I will do my best to update the list if there are better sites I find, but for now I’m happy with it.


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    I’m probably the only person in the Frock Flicks community who cares that the newest Jane Austen adaptation — Love & Friendship — was directed by Whit Stillman.

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    Tony is resentful both of how most of his other friends- especially Sid- avoid him, and of how he little he is able and allowed to do for himself; Maxxie, sympathizing due to his father's domineering of his career path, is able to regain a strong friendship with Tony.

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    She read a text message, smiled, and said: 'I'm recently single again, so I've got a few guys being a little… I'm just out of practice with the dating scene.'Meghan, 35, met up with Piers after she spent a day watching tennis and drinking champagne in the Royal Box at Wimbledon.