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Dervish is Persian for "beggar." Some Dervish orders wander, others beg alms, and others live in Sufi monasteries.Some are religious entertainers hired to chant the zikr dirge, and some only perform Dervish ceremonies on special occasions.

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Aqua Kauai Beach Resort not only honors the ways of the Hawaiian ancestors, we strive to bring these all to life during your stay.

Join us for our sunrise oli (chant), lei-making, hula, Hawaiian music, and more!

Still, in most places they were popular by the common folk, and the tradition of the wandering entertainer remained strong.

By the mid-17th century, performers wandered more freely and became common sights on street corners and at festivals across Europe.

Sword swallowing spread north from Greece and Rome into Europe at the hands of medieval jongleurs and other street performers who performed in public areas.


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    Recently, a friend and I were talking about growing up Asian American in predominantly white neighborhoods and schools, and she told me that when she was in fifth grade, boys teased her on the playground by saying that she had a “sideways vagina.”Throughout my life, I’ve received unwanted comments and questions about my body, specifically my anatomy, including being harassed on the street with calls like, “Ni hao,” “Konichiwa,” “Are you Chinese, Japanese, or Korean,” and recently, “Hi Ling Ling.” While today, some people might think of fetishes and sexual stereotypes as “not a big deal,” the history behind these tropes is rooted in violence and war, which get oppressively reimagined by mainstream media and entertainment.