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According to police criminal statistics, 11.867 cases of sexual abuse of children and 985 cases of sexual abuse of adolescents were reported to the police in 2010.

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This will be followed by developing appropriate prevention strategies.

The acronym "Mi KADO" represents the first letters of the project topics: Mi KADO = "Missbrauch von Kindern: tiologie, Dunkelfeld und Opfer" ("Sexual abuse of children: etiology, Dunkelfeld and victims").

Until now, no studies exist regarding the genetic disposition of pedophilic interests.

Only one study showed a familial accumulation of paraphilias (Gaffney et al., 1984).

Concerning sexual arousal through childlike stimuli, the prevalence ranges from 18% to 25% (Fedora et al., 1992; Hall et al., 1995).