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Many of the links to archived FFShrine content are unstable thanks to a spate of takedown requests Nyberg and her supporters issued when we approached her for comment on this story.

Breitbart has obtained the full archives of all logs, leaked by citizen journalists over the past year.

In a shocking post in Nyberg’s own FFShrine chat logs, dated 26 October 2005, Nyberg, who used the screen name “Sarah,” describes herself as a “submissive male to female transsexual pedophile that’s fond of ageplay and penisgirls that really misses Alice.” Elsewhere in the logs, she says “yes, I am a pedo.

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Elsewhere in the FFShrine logs, Nyberg jokes: “If you’re not willing to hook up with an 11 year old, you’re an ageist, we hate you, and you need to leave.” Nyberg told the chat room that she feared pedophilia might “run in the family” because her father is “dating someone 10 years younger than him” and because her brother’s girlfriend “isn’t legal.” Nyberg claims to have been the subject of some kind of investigation in the past. Nyberg expressed concern that they might find her encrypted drive, which contained what she described as “non-nude model” pictures.

She also admitted to hosting pictures of “ptms” (pre-teen models) on one of her websites.

In her view, naked pictures of children “isn’t cp.” (CP is web slang for child pornography.) There seem to have been other members of the FFShrine chat room Nyberg operated who had similar inclinations.

One member, writing under the pseudonym “Ego” tells the group that he is “waiting on the little neighbour twins to develop.” In response, Nyberg requests pictures of them.

Public records reveal that she currently owes at least $100,000 in back taxes and is classed as a “delinquent” by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.