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But all that changed when the orcs appeared from beyond the Dark Portal and attempted to destroy his homeland, thus ushering in the First War between his beloved Kingdom of Azeroth and the Horde.

Anduin Lothar, the Champion of Stormwind, rallied his countrymen and armies and gutted out a desperate attempt to hold the Horde at bay and to keep them away from King Llane, Varian, and Stormwind.

When his consciousness was split by Onyxia, so too was his personality.

One side retained all of Varian’s manners and etiquette; while the other, Lo'Gosh, retained his skill in battle.

Under the command of Anduin Lothar, its supreme commander, this alliance was finally able to put an end to the Horde reign during the Second War.

However, the victory came at a great price as Anduin Lothar was killed shortly before the war ended and would not live to see the retaking of his Kingdom of Stormwind.

Some of Varian's dialogue in World of Warcraft implies that the two halves still existed as independent entities and that the Lo'Gosh half was becoming dominant over the calmer, more rational part of Varian.