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Other genres often confused with Adventure include Ancient world, Animal, Aviation, Crime, Thriller, Science fiction, Survival, and War; for a comprehensive list, examine the see references under Action-adventure.Examples: THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD; AGUIRRE DER ZORN GOTTES / AGUIRRE--THE WRATH OF GOD; AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (with Adaptation; Comedy); BEAU GESTE (with Adaptation); CAPTAIN BLOOD (with Adaptation); CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE (with Adaptation); CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER; ELEPHANT BOY (with Adaptation); GUNGA DIN (with Adaptation); KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES (with Adaptation); LANCELOT DU LAC; LORD JIM (with Adaptation); MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY; OMAR KHAYYAM; THE PRISONER OF ZENDA (with Adaptation); THE SEA WOLF (with Adaptation); THE THREE MUSKETEERS (with Adaptation); TREASURE ISLAND (with Adaptation); WHITE SHADOWS OVER THE SOUTH SEAS (with Adaptation) TV examples: THE BUCCANEERS (1956-57); THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH (with Adaptation); ROBIN HOOD (1955-58); SEARCH FOR THE NILE; 77TH BENGAL LANCERS; SHARPE'S RIFLES (with Adaptation); THE SWAMP FOX; ZORRO Nonfiction work on the exploration of untamed lands and remote regions and the challenges of living in such areas, often surviving against harsh natural surroundings and the clashing of the explorer, usually from the West, with the cultural traditions of the indigenous people.Often their relationship develops as they are thrown together while traveling or as professional partners.

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Utilizing a realist tradition, such work may nonetheless be narrativized in a pseudo- documentary fashion, presenting a story of representative characters and incidents in a locale, rather than actual individuals or events.

Includes the films of such adventurers as Frank Buck, collecting wild animals for zoos (BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE; WILD CARGO; FANG AND CLAW), Martin and Osa Johnson (SIMBA--THE KING OF THE BEASTS; CONGORILLA; I MARRIED ADVENTURE), and scientific explorer Thor Heyerdahl (KON- TIKI; THE RA EXPEDITIONS); along with many lesser, exploitation-oriented works, such as INGAGI. Note: Not necessary to also use Documentary, since that is implied by the term Adventure (Nonfiction). RAINEY'S AFRICAN HUNT; SCOTT'S LAST VOYAGE / 90 DEGREES SOUTH--WITH SCOTT TO THE ANTARCTIC [Herbert Ponting]; THE SECRET LAND; THE SILENT WORLD; TABU; TO THE ROOF OF THE WORLD; WITH BYRD AT THE SOUTH POLE; WITH WILLIAMSON BENEATH THE SEA TV examples: ADVENTURE CALLS; BOLD JOURNEY; EXPEDITION; HIGH ROAD TO ADVENTURE; I SEARCH FOR ADVENTURE; PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE Fictional work usually set during Roman times, or occasionally during another early civilization, such as that of Greece or Egypt.

Use only for specific works adapted to film or television, not for original exploits written for the screen that utilize characters but not plots created in another medium, such as most of the Charlie Chan or Perry Mason series, or the many Frankenstein sequels.

Do not include works which were also written for the first time in prose form for promotional purposes at the time of the work's release in such editions as movie tie-in paperbacks or photoplay editions.

Pilots often share a unique combination of rivalry and respect, and one or more of their number is usually killed during the narrative, bringing about a reawakening to new values in a fellow flyer's life.