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It's easy to do, though it comes with one small wrinkle.

In Aperture, go into Preferences | Photo Stream and tick the appropriate boxes.

Of course, as those filters aren't directly comparable to Aperture's, that would only be possible via a single image file that is basically just two JPGs stuck together -- whereas I imagine the native Photos app is doing something more sophisticated.

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With that setting in place, a Photo Stream entry should appear in your Aperture Library list.

Clicking on this will show you all the photos in your Photo Stream, which you can look through.

Continuing our example, then, if you have an i Phone and an i Pad that's a further 800MB of bandwidth used overall.

(Thanks to commenter 'Ihate Pundits' for catching the mistakes in my mathematics.) This can also lead to problems with your i OS devices running out of disk space, which then has knock on effects that can start deleting app data you wanted.

However, before you go adding files en masse, remember that by default everything in the Photo Stream is going to be downloaded to all your i OS devices; that there's no way to delete images from Photo Stream except for a full purge; and that Photo Stream only deletes images when it's holding more than 1000 pictures or after 30 days. It means that if you pull 400 1.5 MB JPG shots into Aperture, it's going to immediately upload 600 MB of data to i Cloud.