Are james lafferty and sophia bush dating

"Heavy into shooting @Agent Carter TV I'll try 2 make out sometime soon!

Have a great time."Bethany also shared a sweet snapshot with her on-screen love, » - too Fab Staff A lot of TV series always describe how close they are, that the cast and crew are truly family on set and would do anything for each other.

And don't worry ladies, there was plenty of eye candy on-hand as well.

Bethany met up with James Lafferty at the festival and yes, they are still quite » I don’t want to be…

The show's leading ladies shared a series of cute photos from the reunion on Instagram.

"Basically the best," Sophia wrote along with a pic of the popular trio.

The show's coming to the UK courtesy of Watch, and while it doesn't actually start until January 2, we've got our hands on a little clip just for you: The show stars Anderson as CEO Meg Fitch, whose daughter is kidnapped - along with a whole group of other kids, including the president's son.