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In this example, I will use Sql Data Source control to bind Details View to SQl Server database. You can create these tables in your database with SQL code like this: For table Products Fill tables with some data and run the example to see how it works.

For example, you might want to let the user pick from the different movie categories (action, comedy or drama) and then let them iterate through only that subset of the Movie Database.

If you’ve been scratching your elbow, pinching your nose and blinking your eyes in hopes that this might “just work”, well, it’s actually scratch your nose, pinch your elbow and roll your eyes — ok, just kidding…

This is due to new restrictions imposed on modifying data connections at run time in I would recommend you try using two separate data connections (like in the tutorial in this post) and keep in mind that it’s (unfortunately) your responsibility, using script, to carry along the various values from one connection to the other.

Details View server control is used to display, delete, insert or edit a single record from data source. More about Form View control you can read in Form View Control: Step by Step tutorial. After we created Sql Data Source control, we need to associate it with Details View control.

If you want to “run” this sample, you can download the form and Movie Database here: Download Sample [zip] Minimum Requirements: Designer 7.0, Acrobat Standard 7.0.