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Over the years the technology has become more sophisticated and today automated vehicles are mainly Laser navigated e.g. In an automated process, LGVs are programmed to communicate with other robots to ensure product is moved smoothly through the warehouse, whether it is being stored for future use or sent directly to shipping areas.

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Out of this technology came a new type of AGV, which follows invisible UV markers on the floor instead of being towed by a chain.

The first such system was deployed at the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, Illinois to deliver mail throughout its offices.

The navigation is done by mounting reflective tape on walls, poles or fixed machines.

The AGV carries a laser transmitter and receiver on a rotating turret.

The trailers can be used to move raw materials or finished product. The objects can be placed on a set of motorized rollers (conveyor) and then pushed off by reversing them.


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