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Besides, it is already having difficulty in Asian markets like Japan and South Korea." Started in 2012, Blued currently has 22 million users and secured funding from venture capital firm DCM Ventures.

Other players such as Gee Yuu and lesbian social-networking sites like Les Do are also growing quickly.

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Karl graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans but is originally from Seattle, WA.

He is a new learner of Chinese, and enjoys comparing the similarities and differences with learning Japanese, a language he studied for six years. In fact, his favorite Chinese Pod lesson is "Smelly Cheese".

Read our blog for useful tips & tricks, as well as cultural insights that'll enrich your understanding of the Mandarin language.

Weixin, which means "tiny message" uses geolocation to track and message other app users within a one kilometer radius to "engineer" an encounter with a stranger around Beijing's high-end offices and hotels. The instant messaging service has a lion's share of China's registered users already signed up with QQ, and that means Weixin is an option for more than 711 million active accounts.

If someone is interested, they’ll get in touch with you. Well, as the Cheng Yu goes: 爱屋及乌 | Àiwūjíwū | Love me, love my dog.