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Then he added, " And get something to grease this pig's ass."He left and I felt cold and began to cry because now I knew what they wanted to do to me.

Pete began to rub his hands over my chest and stomach.

He held the knift to my throat with his left hand and his right hand groped my crotch.

The driver, a fat dark skinned older man, glanced sideways and yelled, "Come on Pete.

I continued on my way when all of a sudden the pickup roared along side of me. I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting it and almost fell off of my bike. The passenger door of the truck flew open and a man jumped out and charged at me with a knife in one of his hands. He looked to be about thirty maybe two hundred pounds and over six feet tall, a very big man. I slammed into the side of the truck and it knocked the wind out of me.

The man stuck the knife blade at my throat and ordered me to get into the truck. He pushed me into the truck as the driver ran around back and threw my bike into the truck bed.

He licked and sucked and I started to feel my dick swell. Then he stuck the tip of his finger in my ass and massaged my asshole. Pete must have heard me because he stopped and said, "You cute little fairy I can't wait to put my cock in your ass."Just then the door opened and the light nearly blinded me.