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Every single discussion was about Boys, Boys and Boys.People bragged that they had seen it 6 times already and were going to see it again. Unfortunately, all the controversies caused by this movie had lead to all sorts of censorship already.

Now, while people who consider themselves morally upright and strict may find this embarrassing, most of the actual teenagers of India will actually be disturbed at how accurately it depicts what they actually do, without their parents knowing. Society is'nt as squeaky clean as one would like to believe.

First the teen, especially college going, audience will be disturbed, then thrilled and then appreciative.

I have seen movies of many Indian languages of which I find Bengali films to be of artistic nature.

Again, directors can give variety of family entertainers & come with unique formulae blending story to satisfy people from 6 to 60 yrs of age.

In that way we can be very proud of Shankar, AR Rahman, Mani Ratnam & Kamal Hassan to be contributing to the artistic nature of Indian cinema & having their signature mark on it. It may have failed at the box office but that has been proved to be due to the modern lifestyle concepts in this movie, totally failing to gel with the suburban and village sectors of Tamil Nadu.