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There’s nothing wrong with that – maybe uninformed and unwise, but not wrong.

So I continue to work toward becoming a more complete individual who is capable of standing on her own.

There is no good or bad here — simply a natural, human process of growth as it’s taking shape for me.

So let’s not get caught up in our ideas of what attachment should or shouldn’t look like, what’s right or wrong. A relationship with a partner, because it’s by nature where we open ourselves completely to another person, is a great working ground for understanding the true nature of self and other.

When you're under the sway of strong emotion, you come into contact with a state of being that I like to call Insane Obsessive Thinking. Without addressing a mind run amuck, the chances of skillfully working with your feelings is kind of limited. Your capacity and longing for love is enormous and when you lose it, this is what you discover.