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“It was fascinating to see him respond to sounds in a new way,” says Emma. The cars in the street were so loud he had to hide.

I cried when I realised I could talk to him in the car.” Then, surpassing their wildest expectations, he took up the violin, “like Daddy”, and started piano lessons.

But the operation carried serious risks: not least, facial paralysis and meningitis.

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Mc Daniel's coolly detailed confession of how he startled Lauren awake at 4.30am on Sunday June 26 after he broke into her apartment dressed all in black was paraphrased in part to the court according to the Macon Telegraph.

Confession: Lauren Giddings (left) was strangled to death by her friend and next-door neighbor and classmate Stephen Mc Daniel (seen right in 2011) - who pleaded guilty to the crime in court on Monday in Georgia Charged: Stephen Mc Daniel stands before the magistrate at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center surrounded by Bibb County Bailiffs, his attorney, Macon Police Detective Carl Flecther and District Attorney Greg Winters in June 2011 'She saw me and said, very calmly, 'Get the f*** out,' said Mc Daniel in his confession which outlined how he killed and dismembered Lauren before disposing her remains in a trash dumpster outside the apartment complex they both lived in.'I leaped across the bed onto her and grabbed her around the throat.

Prosecutors said Stephen Mark Mc Daniel faces life in prison for killing 27-year-old Lauren Giddings in Macon in central Georgia in June 2011, the same year that both graduated from the Mercer University School of Law in the city Mc Daniel was initially charged with breaking into two apartments in the building using a master key he somehow obtained, according to police.

Mc Daniel and Giddings lived in neighboring apartments across the street from the law school He went on, 'It’s difficult for me to explain why I killed Lauren and attempted to conceal my deed the way I did. I know that it was very wrong; I am not delusional or without all morals or decency.”Mc Daniel said, 'Something in my makeup — my psychology, my neuropathy (sic), my own particular pathology, perhaps — must explain it.' He expressed remorse according to the Macon Telegraph, saying he grieves Giddings daily, but doesn’t expect forgiveness from her family.

“They were devastated when we got the news”, says Emma, who plays the cello.