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Observations with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) were executed on 2012 May 29, beginning with an acquisition sequence of GJ 86A, followed by an offset and acquisition/peak-up of GJ 86B based on the WFC3 astrometry.

Examination of the acquisition and peak-up images shows they were successful.

= 7 pixel aperture radius and corrected using the encircled energy data available in the WFC3 Instrument Handbook, version 3.0 (Dressel et al. The aperture corrections were derived by interpolating the tabular values at the effective wavelength of the best-fitting atmospheric model (see Section 3) in each bandpass, and the process was iterated until there were no significant changes in the photometry or stellar model parameters; in practice this occurred after a single repetition.

The background flux of GJ 86A was subtracted by examining points opposite, in on the subarray, from the bright primary.

Section 2 describes the imaging and spectroscopic observations, while Section 3 describes the atmospheric modelling, derivation of current (and progenitor) stellar parameters and binary orbit constraints.

New static limits on the GJ 86 planetary system are calculated based on the observations and possible similarities with the Procyon system are discussed in Section 4.

Because of orbital motion observed between 20 (Mugrauer & Neuhäuser 2005; Lagrange et al.


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