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On a hill outside the monastery sits an interestingly shaped rock - a reminder for the monks to remain celibate.We also visit the Karakorum Museum which chronicles the history of the Khan Empire along with artefacts from the ruined city.

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The beautiful flowers and butterflies en route also make it worthwhile.

You may wish to visit the nearby freshwater pool and watch the impressive birdlife that inhabits this area.

On this trip, we discover everything that is unique and special about Mongolia - the endless blue sky, picturesque steppe, vast desert and welcoming nomadic hospitality.

We enjoy traditional ger (Mongolian yurt) accommodation in the tranquil Mongolian wilderness and soak up the culture in Ulaan Baatar.

Today we undertake the longest drive of the trip, but the scenery is so spectacular that the eight hours is sure to pass quickly, especially as it is interspersed with plenty of stops.