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Many people carry the virus, and a surprising number of them are not aware they have it and can infect others.In fact, according to the American Sexual Health Association, 1 in 6 individuals in the United States between the ages of 14 and 49 has genital herpes (HSV-2).Free translation Services to assist you and your ladies to better understand each other.

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It offers a free dating service through which thousands of men and women meet. Carolyn Hax: Niece cares for sibling at expense of social life Dear Abby: I recently moved to a new area of my state.

Many nice, eligible people — people just like you — have herpes and live full, happy lives. I like the environment, the cost of living, etc., but there’s one problem I don’t know how to address.

This is the hair-raising moment a heroine saved a child's life by jumping in the way of a car as it rammed into the side of a restaurant.

The dramatic scene captured by surveillance video unfolded at Junco's in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the woman, Shanta Jordan, dove in front of a speeding car to save a child she didn't know from a driver about to crash into a stone wall.

Because you are hesitant about when to reveal your status, please visit the ASHA website ( It includes a section on relationships, suggestions about when to tell someone, how to talk to a partner, reactions to expect, etc.


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    There was a rapid growth in the number of posts in the early 1990s but image quality was restricted by the size of files that could be posted.

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    For instance, one study found that women with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) reported worse pain and bloating, more frequent poops, and rectal sensitivity (yikes) during their period week.

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    He previously spent six years behind bars from 2003-2009 for car theft charges. READ MORE Phaedra Parks says her ex is not only a felon ...

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    His friend later advised him on a more direct strategy.