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The scientist punches in his code which unlocks the door with seconds to spare.

One of the soldiers looks at the corpse of someone who came before and shouts "motherf%$^ shoulda had the code!

This is what I can remember from the plot:- Two brothers mother suffers from severe Alzheimer's disease.- Brothers invent a drug that either increases peoples overall happiness or reduces aggression (cannot recall which).- Drug is spread through rain clouds, added to water supplies.- People begin to start suffering of dementia and Alzheimer's all over the world, cause is found to be this "magical" drug.- Towards the end of the movie, one of the brothers asks the other to kill him with a fatal dose of their drug.

This leads to the storyteller to begin and is essentially bringing the movie to the present moment.- Brother telling the story also injects himself with fatal dose of the drug, committing suicide in front of the camera. If someone knows the name of the movie I will be over the moon :) Cheers.

Sorry for such a vague description, I'd love to watch it again but no idea what it was called. I have seen this on German TV in the end 70's or early 80's . I remember one scene where you see all of these sort of big grasshopper things all hopping along on their hind legs... ) - One of the women is a hypnotherapist and uses one of her male patients to make voice recordings which they playback to security guards during the robbery, to make them think its a group of men.