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Owing to an array of one-hit wonders who overstuffed their tunes with synthesizers and went a little too heavy on the Aqua Net, it’s often easy to dismiss the music of the 1980s — and for a long time, many people did.

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The Fuckemos’ robotic grind on the 1981 title track to Prince’s fourth LP crosses Mötley Crüe with Saturday Night Live’s Mr. Maybe we’ll hear it live when the Fuckemos christen Grizzly Hall on May 20.

Otherwise, it might prove tricky accessing Do Me Baby!

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It's how we helped create the two biggest new media companies to date: Axios The Dodo.

Riedie played Cupid to 15 total mash-ups, at least half of which pierce eardrums with arrows of adore and fealty.