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In truth, the chat app steals the victims contacts to send to the blackmailer.

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Malware is software with malicious intent Depending on the type of malware, if you have it, the performance of your device could suffer, your personal information could be stolen, or intruders could gain access to your accounts. For Russians (whom Svpeng was originally created to target) Svpeng would present a screen to input credit card details every time a user went to Google Play, which it would then send to the cybercriminal gang that created it.

For people in the US and UK it would present itself as the FBI, locking down the infected device for supposedly having child pornography on it.

Malware can affect mobile as well as desktop devices.

But don’t be afraid: a bit of knowledge and the right precautions can protect you from threats like ransomware and sextortion scams. Svpeng is one type which combined ransomware and payment-card theft.

Just remember that as long as you stick to apps from the official Google Play Store, you are unlikely to encounter any of the dangerous malware out there.


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