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More plausibly, it has been suggested that the Harappan figure's heavily horned headgear bespeaks a bull sect, to which numerous other representations of bulls lend substance." and both Shiva and Rudra are viewed as the same personality in a number of Hindu traditions.Rudra, the god of the roaring storm, is usually portrayed in accordance with the element he represents as a fierce, destructive deity. In RV 2.33 he is described as the "Father of the Maruts," a group of storm gods.Shiva and Parvati are the parents of Karthikeya and Ganesha.

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This claim has not fared well with some modern academics.

Gavin Flood characterizes these views as "speculative," saying that while it is not clear from the seal that the figure has three faces, is seated in a yoga posture, or even that the shape is intended to represent a human figure, it is nevertheless possible that there are echoes of Shaiva iconographic themes, such as half-moon shapes resembling the horns of a bull.

Furthermore, people of different backgrounds and qualities worship Shiva with many temples having histories of even cranes, bees, elephants, spiders, snakes, worshipping Shiva and getting blessed.

It concludes that the Good Lord blesses anyone who worships him with sincere devotion as there is no discrimination based on the seeker.

He is worshipped as such at the temples of Thirupainyeeli, near Trichinopoly, and at a shrine in Thirukadaiyur, near Chidambaram. One common form is the shape of a vertical rounded column.