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Most of the villages and cities were laid outon an exact north-south grid on sites west of the river,and were built with kiln-fired brick of uniform size. Origins of Vedic Civilization Did Aryan Invaders of India Create the Vedic Tradition?


Inthis chapter we will ask where the Vedic tradition originated, and in the next chapter,we will consider when it came into existence.

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William Morris (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1969), article by Calvert Watkins, p.

XIX.4 Origins of Vedic Civilization Common Cognate Words Shared by English and Sanskritadvocate, adhivaktragri, ajirabind, bandhibright, bharajatbrother, bhatrcandle, chandracardio, hrdcome, gamdeity, devataeight, ashtaend, antagenus, janusgnosis, gnanaidea, vidyaidentity, idamtaimmortal, amrtakalon, kalyanamega, mahaman, manumind, manasmortal, mrtamother, matrsame, samathree, trivivi, jivavoice, vacawind, vatawit video, vidyoke, yogayoung, yuvanme, mee, mum In nineteenth century, the German linguist Friedrich Schlegel suggested that themain body of European languages were derived from Sanskrit.

By the twentieth century they wereconceived, mainly by German scholars, as a blue-eyed, blond race that was the stock ofthe Germanic people—all nicely fitting the cultural-political-racial agendas of Western Europe—and Nazi Germany in particular.

In spite of the large number of scholars of the late nineteenth and early twentiethcentury who believed the invasion theory, it turns out, as we see below, that there isalmost no shred of evidence to support it.

According to the Vedic tradition, the Veda is eternal.


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