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They crouch in pixelated catacombs, slimily glabrous, leering behind glasses, their hunched vertebrae give them the look of something primeval and saurian; or else they’re brutish blobs of undifferentiated flesh, six pints down and ready to kick someone’s head in.

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"Suit & Tie", is a mid-tempo R&B song, that incorporates a "slow-drawl" consisting of slowed down synths and "slightly out of time" drum claps, similar to the Chopped and Screwed.

Timberlake also appeared on the songs "Love Never Felt So Good" from Xscape and "Holy Grail" from Magna Carta Holy Grail. ", Timberlake collaborated in the songwriting and production with Max Martin and Shellback.

"Like I Love You", written by Timberlake, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams.

"Cry Me a River", produced by Timbaland, It infuses R&B and pop with techno, funk, and elements of rock, the last being the genre that was the main inspiration of Timberlake during the album's recording.

‘Real’ trolling, or concern trolling, is very different: the point is to adopt a persona or to present a point of view that is not your own and use it to create various forms of enjoyable instability; the game is to create frustration and displeasure with as much subtlety and as little effort as possible.