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My last date of the interview season was with the proverbial “” This was my number one choice.

The one aspect of my CV that dictated the whole course of that interview was the one section that I was “advised” to leave off.

I am confident that specialty programs like OMFS and Orthodontics put more weight on grades and class rank. Could I somehow spin it into how I’m a good dental student?

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This movement toward a broader spectrum of teaching and learning methods in predoctoral dental education underscores the importance of utilizing appropriate assessment strategies that are consistent with the level of cognitive skills that can be developed with these new techniques.

Virtually all commentaries and expert opinion on performance assessment in health professions education indicate that we must evaluate not only the recall and recognition of specific facts and the demonstration of technical skills, but also students’ capacity to synthesize information within a given context and apply it in unique situations that require critical thinking and problem-solving.

I am happy to say I’ll be spending the next year with my “Dream girl.” I would later find out from my future co-resident that beach volleyball was a large part of his interview.

Classmates of mine shared similar stories from other programs where dentistry was the last topic of discussion.

So take a deep breath, be real, and be ready to talk about all the things you love to do outside of school.