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Next take a light color, beige if you are going light, and a light gray or white if are going for dark and dramatic.Apply this to your whole eye area, lashline to browbone.I added some concealer under my eyes , filled in the brows, some light blush, mascara, and ta-da!

The tube itself looks small, but it lasts for-ev-er! Or maybe your beautiful lids are just the right length for most styles of lashes, but if they’re not, do NOT skip this step.

To prep your new lashes first though, you may need to trim the “spine” to fit your eyelid length. the foreign ones will have ends you need to trim anyway. Oh, and just so ya know…feel like you are looking underneath a shadow at first, but the feeling will go away! Last but not least, don’t forget to look in the mirror and give that sexy diva a good practice wink for using on the hubby later on.

When using the curler, make sure to get ALL your natural Liquid eyeliner just might be my best friend… There are two main things eyeliner does here:*It fills in any gaps in the black arch you want flowing continuously from left to right. )Yes, I fill in eyeliner on both ends of my lashes. but sometimes I put just a little mascara on the inside ends and outside ends anyway. By brushing mascara where my natural lashes start, it’s kinda like another way of gluing them in place. sometimes I leave my long eyelashes on for days at a time!

Being a busy wife and mom, I tend to spent a decent amount of my time in the kitchen.

Well it is rapidly approaching and THE DIVAS have some fabulous and fun ways to enhance your natural beauty, just in time for SUMMER! It’s important to beautiful…confidence is super attractive to your spouse!