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Would you be kind enough to offer any words of wisdom you have found during your healing.

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The woman I have loved deeply for 10 years didn't actually exist. You're probably not sleeping, so get up before the sun rises and drink a cup of coffee and watch it come up if you can.

There is something about a new morning that erases some of those long, lonely nights.

If one is primarily a giver, the lack of a companion is definitely a dearth of someone to give to, but is that the same dearth and does it affect one the same way? I know I've always been comfortable being alone and enjoy thoroughly the interactions and giving which mark those interactions. Yes, I believe so, but the taking is not a marked aspect of, rather incidental to the dynamic in my psychology so, if it is missing, I don't feel an emptiness or lack.

I miss the enjoyment of giving a little, yeah, but don't miss the taking at all.

I was just wondering how difficult it was for you to get custody, do you receive child support from the mother, is she in the children's lives at all, etc.?? I got to tell my story, felt validated, and she helped me work through issues I didn't even know I had.


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