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Skirts were frequently much longer in the back rather than the front.

Below the knee pleats and “godets” fell from panels so it gave fullness to the hemline.

This blog is dedicated to dramaturgical research related to the lives lived in the spotlights and footlights of 1930s Hollywood and Broadway as depicted in Edna Ferber's and George S. You’ll learn how to act like a proper lady or gentleman on a date, you’ll be bombarded by advertisements from Life Magazine in the 1930s, and so much more! In the 1930s, there began a movement toward a more the ladylike appearance.

I hope that you’re ready, because we’re about to go on an adventure through time: a tour-de-farce of the 1930’s.

) Coat collars came down to create the “attractive” V-neck, and shoulder pads were added to create a more masculine and square appearance. ) The double-breasted suit had became much more common; this would be something that even the everyday man would own.