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In one of the biggest evacuations in Germany since World War II, 70,000 residents of the city of Frankfurt are to move out of their homes while a bomb is defused.

It was found at a construction site in the city center.

Summer Semester: November until December 15Beginning of study period: Middle of April End of study period: Middle of July Please contact the respective faculty directly, in order to receive information about exam schedules.

Please send your complete application documents within the above listed time frame to the address below: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt International Officec/o Ms Julia Freier60629 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Confirmation of receipt application for exchange students: Students can check their application work-flow (online platform), in order to find out whether the International Office has already received the signed application form (original document) by post.

Seventy years on, still finding bombs In December last year, a British bomb identified as a blockbuster was found in Augsburg.