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Both of them had a type of sibling rivalry while they were young, Assyria usually bashing on her when she did something wrong.

While he was by default rude to his sister, Assyria wanted her to be safe and thus taught her how to fight and use weapons.

She has currently been given the human name Marwan Shada. She does speak when she is spoken to, but her actions, gestures, and facial expressions speak louder than her words.

She is often well-tempered, and attempts to keep her cool when a stressful information is at hand.

So far, Mesopotamia has fulfilled that promise, Iraq's land now being that surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, given the fact Mesopotamia in Greek translates to 'the land between the rivers.' Though Iraq doubts she will even see her mother again, Mesopotamia's spirit actually follows Iraq, staying with her at all times.