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Some monasteries passed into the control of lay people, and many kinds of abuses resulted.

The monasteries of Bobbio, Iona, Lindisfarne, and Luxeuil were among the most famous of them.

n time, a decline in the religious fervor of the monks set in.

This policy was eminently successful in making converts, and may have been one reasons which led the Irish church into conflict with Rome, the dating of Easter was a particularly contentious issue which was not settled until 703. Patrick and other missionaries divided the country into dioceses and put a bishop in charge of each of them. Columba of Derry and Kells, who is also called Columcille, St. t least two kings from overseas were educated in Ireland: Dagobert II, King of the Western Franks, who's citadel of Rennes le Chateau, central in the mystery of the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar and Mary Magdalene, popularized in the thriller by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, and Aldfrid of Northumbria was another.

In the years that followed, many monasteries were founded throughout the country. Scripture and theology were the chief subjects of study at these schools.

From there, he and his successors taught the Christian religion throughout much of Scotland and northern England. Columbanus went to France and Italy; Gall, to Switzerland; Kilian, to Germany; and Livinius, to the Netherlands.