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Banks had been considering a run for the retiring Joe Haynes' District 20 state senate seat. Remember this people a policeman makes ,000 dollars a year.Banks is the outreach director of governor's Books from Birth Foundation. For that he gets to threaten every citizen that pays his salary every year. And "THEY" make laws that tell "ME" what's wrong and what's right? They "ALL" NEED TO GO and replcaed with HOMELESS!!! And "THEY" make laws that tell "ME" what's wrong and what's right? They "ALL" NEED TO GO and replcaed with HOMELESS!!!

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First, drop-out Al Gore concocts the faux Global Warming (excuse me for a minute, I have to put on more sunscreen in the middle of February), then this guy favors a hooker and his wife's a minister. You are all actually AHEAD of the curve, NOT behind the eight- ball. There are, by the way, others I have seen on the force I seriously doubt could exert themselves without experiencing heart failure.

Maynard - You have got to be kidding, don't throw stones? Hey, frodo, check THIS out: Sen John Ensign (R): Carried on an affair w/ a married staffer, GOP conspired to hide the affair, then supported him when it came out.

Of all the city's crime, prostitution, especially of the "escort service" variety, is pretty unimportant and harmless. Naturally, they were cleared by the Police Department, of course." See, that reads so much differently than what your post represented.

What exactly are they teaching over at that Vanderbilt Divinity School? Now, that you have exerted yourself and dirtied your uniform speaks highly of your dedication.

Two other men were also arrested in the sting: Matthew Moynihan, 38, of Hendersonville and Jyotin Arora, 37, of Hermitage. He is stone cold guilty of stupidity as undercover detective Rice is well known as the bait in these stings. People are getting shot, assaulted and beaten nearly everyday in Nashville, but the cops are working prostitution stings? Frodo: The born-agains tend to quickly forgive Republican sinners, but they are unable to forgive Democratic sinners..... Banks attended Divinity School, and I understand his wife is a minister, thus dispelling, for me at least, the notion the only customers are social pariah. They can just stand back and taser the subject, repeatedly at times. Maybe he should consider joining Jimmy Swaggert's 10 step program for married ministers who feel the need to patronize prostitutes on Sat night and beg forgiveness come Sunday morning.. It does not take much education to understand the risks.. People LOVE to hammer Catholic priests, but I hear of way more depravity from Baptist youth ministers and pious frauds like this creep. That is fine but what about the MBA teacher, whom they were going to investigate. I am never pleased to see politicians stupid enough to get caught doing these things, but at least it is a break from the overwhelming trend of Republicans with hypocritical scandals. Read the Tennessean article - one of the men he was arrest with is a Tea Party leader. Remember, it's not the police officers themselves making the priorities, it's the higher ups who haven't been in the field for years making the decisions. Complain to Chief Anderson if you don't like the priorities. i thought they changed that law years ago and legalized everything but street drugs. That's who leading your city and you are supposed to believe what these men say is the TRUTH ?


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