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The Harappan people are believed to have imported silver, copper, turquoise and lapis lazuli from Persia and Afghanistan.[5] Iran supplied silver, gold, lead, zinc, turquoise to ancient India.Ivory was imported from India.[6] India and Iran : Common Homeland, common linguistic and racial Past 3.The ancient Persian also used the name ' Arya’ and the word survives in the word ' Iran’.

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The praleya signifying snow or frost is derived from pralaya or deluge in Sanskrit by Panini.

That there was a huge flodd in pre-historic ties in some parts of the then known world is proved by Semitic sources which seem to have borrowed their account from Aryan sources. Cook writes “In what may roughly be called the ' Mosaic’ age, viz, that illustrated by the Amarna letters and the “Hittite” tables from Boghaz-Keui, Palestine was exposed to Iranian (Old Persia) or Indo-European Persian Empire….

For a considerable period after their separation from their western kinsmen, the Indians and Iranians are believed to have lived together. The scriptures Vedas (of the Indian Aryans) and the Avesta (of the Iranians) both agree on the cause, which led to the migration of the Aryans from their original homeland (called Airyana Vaejo in Avesta).

In the Vedic account, it is a flood of water that is referred to and in the Avestan account it is a flood of snow and frost.

According to the tradition of the Vendidad, the ancestors of the Iranians lived in 15 other countries turn by turn. Saptasindhu, the cradle land of Indo-Aryan civilization. Indian or Indo-Iranian groups who worshiped the Vedic deities were found in and to the north of Syria in the middle of the second millennium B. India is mentioned in the Avesta and there is some description of north India in it.


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