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” It was an art project that spurred Lee to get a smart phone in the first place, which led to her investigation of dating apps, Lee said in the same interview.

(Funny enough, at the time, the tech-savvy artist had had the smart phone for only one year.) Internet dating has proven a fruitful topic for other artists, such as Tully Arnot, who created a Tinder-swiping robot, and Anna Gensler, who eviscerated rude Tinder matches in unflattering portraits.

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It allowed him to be able to connect with others and date in any city he visited without the traditional time consuming methods of hoping to connect by chance.

On one hand, I admire the tenacity of this “take the bull by the horns” method of dating.

Lee, who has often created mixed-medium works that use technology to comment on connection and isolation.

In fact, Lee hopes that everything good about the app stems from her artistic training and sensibility.

If a relationship starts to go astray, all you have to do is pick up your phone and start thumbing for a new one.


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    I was convinced I wouldn't make a very good mother and didn't want my son or daughter, in 40 years time, to dread calling me, fearful I'd berate them for some emotional crime or other. I'm not sure I entirely agree with that, but it is true that when we bought our first house together, we somehow conspired to buy a wreck that required a lot of our attention and focus. I didn't want an affair, nothing grubby, nothing seedy.

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    Let’s try to get through it and meet back here next week at this same place and time, shall we?

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