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I only found out about the hard drugs about 6 months after I left, while he was undergoing extensive rehab therapy.I left because I told him I was not going to stay w/ someone who didn't want to help themselves, and if he wasn't getting help for his depression I was leaving - I knew about the pot, suspected the 'E' and meth....I have a great deal of experience with drugs and booze. I saw first hand growing up what these poisons can do to people and chose not to get involved in them.

It will return once the children have left for school. He made his choice to try drugs, became addicted and that's that.

And that dirty money that you suggest you hold disdain for...complain about not having..but children do seem to need a far bit until they are of an age where they no longer require our assistance. I strive to have comfortable clean housing for my children. There's nothing that you are going to do to make him stop except to completely remove yourself from that situation and move on with your life. If I dwelt on the support/no support issue, I'd be insane. If it bothers you that much, consider entering an ALONON program or some other program that deals with this.

Good luck - dealing w/ an addict and / or a recovering addict can be strenuous at times (most times...), but make it clear - clean drug test = access to daughter- otherwise - no go.

After more than 15 years of marriage, Dawn Marie's got a divorce, a daughter, and a dilemma.

Yes, its humiliating, and it feels degrading, and yes, I could have gone back to work full time - but the end result of the business will be better than me working full time right now.