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She is an advisor on Mariana Zechini’s honors thesis in Anthropology.

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Elizabeth Moore of the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) as a visitor on Wednesday (March 19) and Friday (March 21) of this past week. These had been identified as rhinoceros teeth when they were donated to VMNH, but VCU’s Dr. Tentatively, we have identified a series of themes: basic concepts of archaeology, including stratigraphy; chronology via stone tool types and radiocarbon dating; village life and village layouts; public archaeology; trade and exchange; smoking pipes; and, zooarchaeology, with modified and unmodified bone.

Following the strategy implemented at our exhibit last fall in VCU’s James Branch Cabell Library, we will print replicas of artifacts in the Virtual Curation Laboratory to adhere to some exhibit panels and to be incorporated in public archaeology hands-on programs.

They are a time to focus on yourself and the positive atmosphere in which you are in.

Most of my clients love the environment, and they graciously endure the workouts and come back for more.

My training encompasses various aspects of fitness with an emphasis on muscular strength/endurance, cardiovascular health, abdominal/core work, flexibility and functional training.