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20 - Entertainment Tonight (About David joining Shirley in concert in Pittsburg, PA to sing "A Christmas Song" on Sunday, Dec.

When asked what he'd do if he wasn't in showbusiness, he replied he'd like to be a jockey after all he's short enough to be one. to 28 - Musicbox - Britain (An interview with different parts shown of various days of that month) July 7 - London Calling - MTV - USA Splash - Britain Sept 12 - Cheggers Plays Pop - Britain - Sang "Someone" Sept. Sang "Someone" in the middle of a bunch of Balloons.

May 1 - Russian TV coverage of David's May 1st concert.

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David also filmed the Top Of The Pops clip shown on July 10th.

10 - Wheel of Fortune - Game Show, Guest Star June 23 - Today Show, Themes Television. Magazine - San Diego, Ca May - AM Los Angeles May 20 - Merv Griffin Show - Sang "Life's a funny proposition" & "Give my regards to Broadway" June 16 -John Davidson Show July 6 - Seattle Tonight PM Magazine - Ohio July 16 - Hour Magazine - Los Angeles, CA July 26 - Hour Magazine August 11 - A.

David gave away some singles and the jogging clothes he wore in the video clip. April 12 - La Belle Vie - France with host Sasha Distel April 16 - Die Spielbude - Germany.

23 - Saturday Starship - Independent TV - Britain Feb 25 - Gloria Hunniford Show. March 7 - Top Of The Pops - Britain March 15 - Friday People - Britain (Filmed at Ivor Novella Awards on March 16) March 13 - That's A Life - Hosts Ann Rohmer & Pater Feniak March 16 - Wide Awake Club March 16 - Kenny Everet Show. March 21 - Saturday Superstore - David's video clip of "The Last Kiss" was played .

David spoke to the hosts, Ian Meldrum and Ian Buckland, and fans via the telephone rather than appear in the studio because his laundry had been stolen.