Debit card sex phone chats

The rep indicated that this is a common problem, and that the company tries to shut down suspicious reload activity when representatives see it.

The best way to avoid having your debit-card number grabbed, the bank said, is to be vigilant about card skimming — including fake card readers and “suspicious activity” from store merchants (whatever that means).

A new identity theft scheme puts a charge of just $1 on your credit card, in what is creatively known as the "one-dollar scam." In this new scam, thieves buy hundreds of stolen credit card numbers and put a $1 charge on each of them.

As a 20-something living in the uber-expensive New York City, the thought of a late-night ATM run for taco-truck money turning into an avenue for crooks to take my hard-earned cash always keeps me on alert.

To say I’m diligent about checking my account, especially around paydays, is an understatement.

Apple was thought to be preparing the introduction of Apple Pay into the Irish market by the start of 2017, but this now looks unlikely.