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But there's no easy technological fix to prevent the government from finding out who you're communicating with.

Footage has emerged showing the moment a father and daughter are kicked off a plane after someone overheard them talking about their ‘awful travel experience’.

Like OTR, it offers "end-to-end" encryption, meaning that the company running the service never has access to your unencrypted calls and can't turn them over to the feds.

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So like Silent Circle, the Redphone client software is open source and has been independently audited to make sure there are no back doors. Remove your cellphone battery to thwart tracking The NSA phone records program revealed by the Guardian last week not only collects information about what phone numbers we call, it also collects data about the location of the nearest cellphone tower when we make calls.

That gives the NSA the ability to determine your location every time you make a phone call — and maybe in between calls too.

Indeed, most mainstream communications technologies are vulnerable to government eavesdropping. The NSA's spying powers are vast, but there are still ways to thwart the agency's snooping. Tor lets you use the Internet without revealing your IP address or other identifying information.

The distributed network works by bouncing your traffic among several randomly selected proxy computers before sending it on to its real destination.

Encryption technology can prevent the government from intercepting the contents of voice communications.