Eclipse updating indexes hangs

Is there a way that we could get CSSModel Impl to do just a basic DOM load and not load all the secondary objects that are created as a part of the dom like text regions line style trackers and providers, etc?On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at PM, Angelo [email protected]: Many thank's @kaloyan-raev for your analyse.Could you please install the 0.70-SNAPSHOT and tell me if you UI freeze problem disappear? Just for your info, you can install just WTP Web Resources without installing Angular JS Eclipse.

For each of them there is a CSSStyle Sheet Impl object stored in a Vector that blows the available memory.

In the memory dump taken a minute later, the number of CSSStyle Sheet Impl object grows from 3,080 to 3,218 - eating even more memory. I'm afraid, no-( And I think WTP guys will reject this issue, because you open never in a CSS editor (which loads CSSModel) 3000 CSS files in the same time.

If I need code completion for CSS classes in the HTML editor, I need only the CSS files, referenced in the edited HTML file, to be parsed, not all CSS files in my workspace.

Bad news for me : the problem reappears since i use eclipse more intensively.

My idea is when validation is done for HTML file : @gamerson I have done a lot of refactoring, please test in your side if I have not broken something. — Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #20 (comment) .