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Being a bride-to-be If you didn’t know, my boyfriend and I got engaged way back in January (it feels like years ago! And wedding planning has just brought it out of me. Why settle on one dress, when I can get away with having two? Honestly, if I could get away with 5 wedding dresses, I’d totally do it.

) and wedding planning has been high on the agenda. There are just so many options, you think you have your plan together and then you stumble across a new idea, and then suddenly your whole vision for the day changes in an instant. The only thing I haven’t changed my mind about is the person I’m going to marry.

No one warns you, but wedding planning becomes kind of all consuming – it’s like finding a new hobby and becoming totally obsessed with it. When we started planning, we were going to get married on a boat. If you’re reading this Pad (and I know you probably decided to skip this blog post once you saw all the wedding GIFs)… We’ve already been to two of our friend’s weddings this year (congrats guys!

Wedding planning is probably the most fun hobby I’ve ever had. Now we’re going for dry-land vows – and a boat cocktail hour. ) and each time I just sit there thinking “I can’t wait for it to be our turn”. I’m so excited to marry you Pad, to be husband and wife, and have this awesome day, and wear a pretty dress (2 pretty dresses actually!

Instagram Snaps and London Sunshine In between all the wedding planning, have been some pretty lovely weekends this summer. I don’t use that word often, but there’s no other word to do it justice when the sun shines. (you can only imagine how many selfies will get taken on the wedding morning! My wardrobe is one of my favourite things about summer. Exploring London in the sunshine is always a good idea…

We’ve had a ridiculously good summer so far in London, it’s been sunny and hot (maybe too hot… British Summertime at Hyde Park, we spotted Emma Watson #starstruck Oooh I also went to the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park last week – which was AMAZING.

) but aside from that – it was such a cool way to spend the afternoon.


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