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Some companies have been around for along time and shippers trust these companies which is why they continue to be successful. The truth is that being a freight broker is very profitable if done correctly.

One cannot expect to start today and have a paycheck next week. I am an agent and trainer and a company President of one of those schools.

I've had hot loads that were dropped in my lap at the last minute by the carrier because of "mechanical problems". third-party logistics (3PL) gross revenues topped $110 billion for the first time last year, 3PL gross revenues were $113.6 billion in 2006, a 9.5% increase, according to the report released by Armstrong & Associates. so there is the answer to the question this forum started with it is growing! Worked for large trucking company on the claims side and dealt a lot with shipper and consignees on cargo claims.

Most probably, they found another load that worked out better for them. I love the wheeling and dealing and challenges that go along with it. You will take (and give) a lot of a$$ chewing in this cut-throat business. Have access to trucks and trailers and considering freight business and transportation business.

I know that you will find several brokers that will train you and give you a agent position as well. I honor these people because that is how I got my start. I find the more research I do the better decisions I make.