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" articles – the Fred Savages, Mark Lesters and Peter Ostrums. As a lad he played Charlie Bucket in the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, but is now a successful equine vet working in upstate New York.Ostrum is particularly relevant to the 18-year-old actor I am on my way to meet, for Freddie Highmore, who had his big break at the age of 12 opposite Johnny Depp in the JM Barrie biopic Finding Neverland, has also portrayed Charlie Bucket on film, in Tim Burton's 2005 take on the Roald Dahl children's classic.

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"She's my stepmum this time," corrects Highmore, who had filial roles opposite Bonham Carter in his debut film, Women Talking Dirty, aged seven, and again in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Obviously, when you get on so well with someone and then you have to dislike them on set..." Bonham Carter is part of a tight web of associations for Highmore.

"It is very funny to go through your life with her as your mum every so often. The actress is married to Tim Burton, who is supposed to have cast Highmore in Charlie...

It's a not-altogether-lost world of what are now no doubt retro-chic victuals – salad cream, beetroot in vinegar, Angel Delight, Spangles, Sherbet Fountains and bars of Caramac.

Playing the obsessively house-proud Mrs Potter, polishing and cooking her way into the marital bed, is Helena Bonham Carter – the third time the actress has portrayed Highmore's mother.

A: Skandar’s full name is Alexander Amin Caspar Keynes.